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Larger Domestic Homes and Commercial Use

Which Softener Is Right For You?

Choosing the right softener can be difficult with many choices and a wide range of features and benefits. Below we have shown a comprehensive comparison to help you make the right decision.

The Boost 300-400 Water Softeners – For Large Domestic Homes

The Boost 300 is the smallest of the larger softeners available. With a larger 1” valve this softener has a high salt capacity and is ideal for a large domestic home. The Boost 400 sits in a higher frame but with the same depth and width. This softener boasts the largest salt storage solution throughout the range. 

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Boost Water Softener Comparisons

The Power 500-600 Water Softeners – For Commercial Use

The Power 500 and 600 are the largest capacity softeners in the rage. With double disk valves, much larger resin tanks and all of the great features of the smaller domestic models these softeners are perfect for your commercial property. 

A Detailed Comparison

Large Domestic Commercial Use
300 Boost 400 Boost 500 Power 600 Power
Valve 1″ Single Disk 1″ Double Disk
Salt Lid Dampened Hinge
Salt Level Detection Yes – Automatic
New Smart Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tank Light Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Connectivity  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Height 880mm 1140mm 1140mm 1450/930mm
Width 610mm 870mm 870mm 345/405mm
Depth 510mm 510mm 510mm 360/405mm
Overflow Valve With Double Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electrical Supply  Transformer: 240 Volt (AC) to 24 Volt, 50Hz (AC)

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Top 3 Benefits of Softened Water

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Softer water equals softer skin. Less soap equals happier skin

Soap can form a lather more easily in softer water meaning that washing is a much simpler process and harsh soap residue is banished from your skin. When showering or bathing, you will find with soft water that less soap is required. Less soap = happier skin.

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Reduced appliance and plumbing repairs and replacements

Limescale is a huge pain that is guaranteed when hard water is used. Over time, with regular use, softer water removes limescale and therefore prevents replacements having to be bought and repairs having to be made as regularly.


A sparkling kitchen and a shiny bathroom

Although less cleaning products are needed with softer water, that doesn’t mean the cleanliness of your kitchen and bathroom will suffer. Quite the opposite – soft water prevents soap scum meaning less time will be spent scrubbing away at those inconvenient marks.

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