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Whilst all mains water supplied in the UK is classed as “potable” (fit for human consumption), some of it leaves little to be desired with regards to taste and odour.

In fact much of the harsh taste of our mains water is down to the chlorine which the water authorities dose the supply with in order to kill bacteria.

Apart from imparting an unpleasant taste and smell to the water, chlorine (the same chemical used in swimming pools) is also poisonous if ingested in sufficient quantities.

Aside from chlorine, even mains water quality varies dramatically from area to area, depending on where the water is extracted from, the type & quality of the pipe carrying the water & level of treatment which it has received.

All of our filters remove chlorine to dramatically improve the taste & odour of your water; some filters also specifically target other contaminants such as heavy metals, bacteria or particulate matter.

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EcoWater ERO 375

This reverse osmosis drinking water filter delivers clean, clear water straight from your tap. So why should you have an EcoWater reverse osmosis water filter?


Key Features: 

  • Great tasting water – using in-built carbon cartridges.
  • High level filtration – helping to remove up to 95% of solids from water.

Aquacure ACR04

The 4 stage Domestic Drinking Water reverse osmosis system can provide up to 50 gallons / 225 litres of purified water per day. A sediment pre-filter, carbon pre-filter, membrane and post carbon filter provide an extremely fine level of filtration, which can provide you with the purest water on tap with up to 98% of common contaminants removed.

All systems come with a reservoir, tap and installation kit.

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Doulton Supercarb

A high quality ceramic drinking water filter from a world renowned manufacturer. The Supercarb cartridge consists of a porous ceramic casing, enclosing a core of silver bonded activated carbon, which simply screws in to the housing.
Cupboard/wall mounted housing. Connection is made via 3/8” input & output push fit connections.

Key Features: 

  • Improves Taste & Odour
  • Chlorine Reduction @2ppm: Greater than 97%
  • Cyst Reduction: Greater than 99.99%
  • Turbidity Reduction: Greater than 99.69%
  • Particulate Reduction (Class 1):
  • Absolute Filtration (to 0.9 Micron): Greater than 99.99% (0.5-0.8 Micron): Greater than 99.89%
  • Reduces Harmful Bacteria: Greater than 99.99% (E.Coli, Cholera, Shigella, Salmonella, Klebsiella)
  • Recommended Lifespan: 12 months or 3800 litres (which ever occurs first)*.
    * The lifespan is the maximum recommended by the manufacturer, this cannot be
    guaranteed since water quality varies from area to area. 

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