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All water softeners work on the principal of Ion Exchange: the hard water passes through a bed of resin which absorbs the calcium ions from the water, the water continues on into your home without the calcium & this is now softened water – simple!

Periodically the resin bed needs to be cleaned of calcium, or “regenerated” as it is known. This is accomplished by “washing” the resin bed with brine (salt water). The brine liberates the calcium ions from off of the resin bed & goes down the drain. The salt has no part in actually softening the water, it is only used to regenerate the resin bed.

Hard Water Vs
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What differentiates different types & models of water softeners?


Time Clock Controlled Softeners

Time Clock controlled softeners work perfectly well but tend to be considerably less efficient to run & will require adjustment should your water usage fluctuate. These are usually setup to regenerate on specific days (eg: every 2nd, 3rd or 4th day), based on how hard your water is, how large the softener is & how many people are usually in your home. If you have more people come to stay, you will run out of softened water & if you go on holiday, the softener will regenerate unnecessarily – less than ideal.

Meter-Controlled Softeners

Meter Controlled Softeners

Meter controlled softeners, monitor how much water you use & then calculate when they need to regenerate. So if you have guests come to stay they will regenerate more often, conversely, if you go on holiday, they wont regenerate at all. As a result, meter controlled softeners are much more efficient to run, which means that you enjoy even more savings. Now, just to confuse matters, meter controlled softeners fall into two sub-categories: Simplex & Duplex.


Simplex Water Softeners

Simplex water softeners use a single resin bed, when this needs to be regenerated, the softener will put itself into “bypass”. This means that for approximately an hour whilst regeneration takes place, any water which you use will not be softened. In order to minimize the impact of this “downtime”, most simplex softeners will schedule their regeneration to be in the early hours of the morning (typically 1-2am), when you are less likely to be using water. With simplex softeners it is also necessary to “size” the softener for your household: so if you have six people in your home, you will need a physically larger softener than if you only had two. Incidentally, all time clock controlled softeners are simplex.


Duplex Water Softeners

Duplex water softeners use two separate resin beds, this means that whilst one of the resin beds is being regenerated, the other one is still able to soften your water & there is no “downtime” during regeneration. As a result, the regeneration can take place at any time of the day/night without impacting on the quality of your water. As well as being able to provide consistently soft water, it also means that the softener is able to use the full capacity of each resin bed to soften the water before it is regenerated (unlike simplex softeners which will usually waste some capacity due to scheduling the regeneration at a specific time). Another big benefit of duplex softeners, is that as they are able to regenerate numerous times per day (if necessary), you can have a very compact softener which is able to deal with a very large household – our most popular softener has a footprint of only 445mm x 206mm but will happily handle a household of up to ten people!


How Big Is A Water Softener?

Water softeners come in various sizes depending on the make and model that you choose. However, the majority of water softeners will comfortably fit into a kitchen cupboard. We can also install a two-part softener if space really is at a premium. The normal place to install a softener is near to the rising main (internal stop cock), however, we have installed water softeners in a variety of places, including outside, and we will be happy to discuss the location and type of softener during a no obligation visit.


Can I Rent A Water Softener?

Water softeners are now compact enough to fit in most kitchen units, are efficient, low on maintenance and are easily affordable to buy or rent. Rentals start from as little as £29/month.

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EcoWater Systems

eVOLUTION Water Softeners

With an impressive 90-year-old heritage, EcoWater is one of the leading domestic water softener manufacturers in the world. Its exceptional water softening technology and intelligent software and components provides the ultimate in convenience. EcoWater is a fantastic choice for those who are wishing to purchase their first water softener – reliability and efficiency is guaranteed.



The ultimate, non electric block salt water softener

The Minimax M3 offers many benefits to you, your home and your family. With a focus on sustainability the Minimax is built with no timers, motors or complicated programming. It saves you energy and offers outstanding efficiency in both salt and water usage. 

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